Emptyset announce new album, recorded in a decommissioned nuclear power plant

Bristol-centric duo Emptyset are to pick up where Medium left off with a new EP for Subtext.

Since 2009, James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas have explored the liminal territory between techno and sound art, producing spartan not-quite-dance music (Emptyset), algorithmic experiments (Demiurge) and, most recently, tough digital noise (Collapsed). Perhaps their most fascinating project, however, was 2012’s Medium EP, which saw them sculpting tracks using field recordings from a decaying Gothic mansion in Gloucestershire.

Forthcoming LP Material is a tripartite work, collecting material from three site-specific commissions the pair have worked on in the last six months. All three projects –  a Sounding Space installation at the Ambika P3 bunker in London; a piece for Tate Britain at North Wales’ decommissioned Trawsfynydd nuclear power plant; and a composition made at a Chislehurst mine in Kent – continue Medium‘s fascination with architecture and found sound.

The press release accompanying the record explains the project’s conceptual framework:

“[Emptyset] explore the relationship between space and the fundamental properties of sound, applying extreme bass, noise and feedback as means of extracting the essence and sonic signature of these unique sites. Across the recordings there is a focus on the nature of sonic decay, as each space imparts its signature reverberant characteristics to the signal, ranging from detailed noise reflecting across sheer concrete surfaces to low frequency sonics tunneling through subterranean earth.”

Material will arrive on Subtext on vinyl on March 18, with a digital edition to follow on March 25. Last year, FACT sat down with Emptyset to talk Raster-Noton and “vast sonic territory”. [via The Quietus]

1. ‘Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station – Snowdonia, Wales 17.12.12’
2. ‘Ambika P3 – London, England 12.12.12’
3. ‘Chislehurst Mine – Kent, England 02.11.12’



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