Souleance unites Paris’ Fulgeance and DJ Soulist.

The former’s been an entertaining presence since 2007’s Chico EP, operating in the liminal space between boom-bap and Kitsuné electro (and showcasing his ardour for vintage library music along the way). The latter, meanwhile, is the man behind long-running Paris night What The Funk, and a regular on the city’s hip-hop scene.

After a string of EPs, the pair dropped breezy debut album La Belle Vie on First Word Records last year. La Beat Tape sees the pair exploring similar territory, having their way with vintage European funk, Turkish fusion and similarly dusty fare. Good clean fun, and recommended for fans of Oh No’s Dr No’s Oxperiment or The Gaslamp Killer’s rootsier output.

Stream La Beat Tape in full below, or grab it here. [via Potholes In My Blog]



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