Peaking Lights release <em>Lucifer Re-Lit</em> remix EP; John Talabot and Richard Formby feature

Wisconsin’s first couple have released a digital-only tribute to their 2012 Lucifer LP.

Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes have already given their last album the once-over, pulling it to pieces and reassembling the remains as Lucifer in Dub. As Clash note, Lucifer is being dismantled once again, this time by a collection of Peaking Lights enthusiasts and affiliates.

The digital-only Lucifer Re-Lit EP sees sun-kissed Barcelona producer John Talabot remix Lucifer highlight ‘Beautiful Son’. Spaceman 3/Wild Beasts producer Richard Formby, who we collared for a FACT TV roundtable with Darkstar, also contributes a ‘Beautiful Son’ remix. Black Acre’s Romare and one-time Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti member Cole M.G.N also offer remixes of ‘Dream Beat’.

The EP is available over at Beatport for the next fortnight. Coyes is about to release an EP of funk/psych edits on Rush Hour’s great No ‘Label’ imprint.



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