Here’s another demented transmission from Jack Hamill’s galactic funk project. 

After a lengthy delay, the Belfast producer is about to release his debut LP Welcome To Mikrosector-50. It’s as much of a cosmic soap opera as it is an album, with some lengthy skits and a Quantum Leap-style narrative framing the tunes.

‘Welcome To Mikrosector-50’ condenses the spirit of the album into seven minutes. As is Hamill’s way, it’s unapologetically throwback, fusing Chicago house and ecstatic boogie. It’s also heroically daft, with Hamill avatar Mr. 8040 doing his best Big Bank Hank impression over the top. It’s both silly and infectious, and a must-listen for those who fell for the cyber-enhanced funk of Jam City’s Classical Curves.

Welcome To Mikrosector-50 is due out March 5 through R&S.



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