Thom Yorke talks new Radiohead material, working with Four Tet and Burial again on Reddit Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything sessions on web forum Reddit seem to be becoming as commonplace a form of album promo as the stream a week ahead of release, but yesterday’s session with Atoms for Peace – a.k.a. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and the band’s producer Nigel Godrich – has thrown up some interesting tidbits.

For one, Radiohead have recorded two new songs – presumably for the band’s next album. We already knew that the group, who’re currently on a break but plan to regroup after Summer, have been recording in ex-White Stripe Jack White’s studio, and Thom explained to Reddit that “we now have two unfinished tracks, one of which is [the previously heard] ‘Identikit’.”

He also claimed that he “very much hope[s]” to release more music with Burial and Four Tet (the trio collaborated on past single ‘Ego’ / ‘Mirror’), adding that “we talks about it. In fact as usual I gotta write some words”. Words, as in lyrics for a future collaboration, we hope – rather than simply a reply to an email.

Elsewhere, we find out that ‘The Present Tense’, a live cut from some of Yorke’s past solo gigs, should eventually see the light of day, and that Atoms for Peace will be “in the same room again” – hopefully a studio – come April / May.

You can read the full Ask Me Anything session here, and FACT’s recent interview with Yorke and Godrich here.



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