Why wasn't Lil B at the Grammys? He missed the email

Lil B, hip-hop’s benevolent Lord Of Misrule, has shed some light on that whole bizarre Grammys episode.

To recap: back in the wilds of January, the Grammys launched their ‘Gig of a Lifetime’ competition, which canvassed the public to “give aspiring musicians across the country the chance to perform in front of a live audience during [pre-ceremony build-up] GRAMMY Live”. The rapper – who makes a habit of popping up at unlikely open calls –  was among the nominations for the Pacific region, but failed to make it through to Round Two. That, however, wasn’t the end of the matter: subsequent reports suggested that Lil B had been deliberately removed from the process by the organisers. BasedGod Wuz Robbed?

Apparently not. As Pitchfork report, the reason for Lil B’s disappearance from the process was somewhat more prosaic. Last night on Twitter, the rapper wrote : “Also thank you to cbs and the grammys.forgive me for reading my emails late, thats why i didnt perform i missed grammys email crazy”. He also confirmed by email that he was personally emailed by CBS, and “read my emails late”. We’re blaming the video games.




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