Dutch underground veteran DJ Overdose announces new LP <i>Bizarro World</i>

Dutch electro oddball DJ Overdose has announced his second album of an almost-20 year career, Bizarro World.

Part of the Hague electronic scene documented in 2004 film When I Sold My Soul to the Machine (see also: I-f, Legowelt, Murder Capital, Bunker), Overdose has been steadily doing his thing since his mid-teens, selling beats to local rappers and eventually releasing his own records. In 2009 he released his first full-length album, In for the Kill (on Legowelt’s Strange Life label), and he’s a member of both The Hasbeens (with Alden Tyrell) and Novamen (with Mr. Pauli). He’s also, as 2010’s FACT mix proves, a fantastic DJ.

Bizarro World will be released in early April through Creme Eclipse. Samples are available to stream here.

01. Aan De Overkant
02. Bizarro World
03. Bloed Aan De Muur
04. Ssa Gib a Htiw Lrig a Deen I
05. ‘s Nachts
06. Suck Chain
07. Fabriek
08. Don’t Stop
09. Leegstand
10. Leipzig
11. Watch The City Burn
12. Kruipend Naar De Gootsteen
13. Stay On My Feet
14. Ruimtepuinruimer
15. Film Freak



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