Fred Peterkin’s Black Jazz Consortium project has a new LP on the way.

Best known for his output as Fred P, Peterkin is one of the more significant deep house producers currently operating out of New York. After a lengthy break from music in the 1990s, he’s since established himself as a reliable source of quietly innovative, rhythmically inventive house music. Releases have previously arrived on Jus-Ed’s fine Underground Quality imprint, and he’s put out a slew of discs through his own Soul People Music label.

Over the last 12 months, Fred P has issued three well-received 12″s under the auspices of the Codes And Metaphors series. As XLR8R report, said EPs will now be compiled on new LP Codes And Metaphors, augmented by a smattering on new tracks. As you’ll see from the tracklist, the album will feature a host of vocal collaborations, with guests including Minako and Christina Wheeler. Soul People Music promise “impressionistic and emotionally involved style of deep house, occasionally bordering on techno.”

Codes And Metaphors will arrive on on March 18.

01 Free Your Mind (feat Minako)
02 Melody Off Key
03 Love Is (feat Melena Perez)
04 Tokyo Electric
05 Kleem (feat Minako)
06 Science and Art
07 Even Greater (feat Dakini9)
08 Your Love (feat Lady Blaktronica)
09 Be an Not Know (feat Christina Wheeler)
10 Amazing
11 Future Days



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