Kode9 uploads 15 classic mixes to Soundcloud

The Hyperdub boss digs deep into his mix archive.

The Scotland-born, London-based producer/DJ has taken to Soundcloud to share 15 mixes, covering eight years of his career. A stalwart of the dance music world, Kode9 and his Hyperdub played a key role in the development, proliferation, and evolution of dubstep – much as he tends to balk at the word now.

These mixes cover it all: 2005’s “Sinogrime Minimix”, sessions for Rinse and BBC 1, all Burial and all Hyperdub sets, and collaborative efforts with Wiley, The Spaceape, and Flowdan. Not included? His 2010 FACT mix, which you can stream below.

Update: In the last few hours, Kode9 has upped even more vintage mixes, taking the haul to over 25. The new additions include his 2006 Dubstep Allstars collection with Spaceape, a 2009 session for LuckyMe, a 2005 mix for Rinse and a stash of ancient mixes from 2002. Oh, and that aforementioned 2010 FACT mix too. We wouldn’t be surprised if even more of these hit the web in next few hours, so we’d advise keeping an eye trained on Soundcloud throughout the day.

FACT Mix 156: Kode9 by Fact Mix Archive on Mixcloud



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