Delsin’s Delta Funktionen has pulled together a new EP, with a little bit of help from Pariah and Blawan’s unvarnished Karenn project. 

Niels Luinenberg’s had a long and productive relationship with Delsin, knocking out seven 12″ singles and EPs across the imprint and its deeper Ann Aimee sub-label. Their alliance came to a head with last year’s Traces LP, an enjoyable collection of windswept electro weaned on Kraftwerk and smitten with Model 500.

As Juno Plus report, the Sun Storm EP will arrive in April, and features three unreleased cuts. The two Delta Funktionen originals, ‘Sun Storm’ and ‘Challenger’, offer clipped analogue techno with touches of vintage electro. Perhaps more excitingly, Sun Storm also boasts a walloping appearance from Karenn, who turn out a typically severe techno remix of Traces track ‘Onkalo’.

Sun Storm is out on April 8 on 12″ and digital. Head to the Delsin website to hear snippets.

A1. Sun Storm
B1. Onkalo (Karenn remix)
B2. Challenger



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