Premiere: Stream Sonarpilot's <em>Radar</em> compilation, featuring remixes by Ramadanman, Trevino, and more

Sonarpilot Audio prepares a compilation based on the work of it’s namesake artist.

Sonarpilot is Swiss-born musician and producer Michael Moppert. In the 80s, he operated a recording studio, produced local bands, and worked on his own material, but he spent the next 15 years out of the music business. 2010 saw the release of his Mothership album and inaugurated a steady stream of original releases and remixes.

On March 4, Sonarpilot Audio will release Radar, a two-disc set that collects 10 Sonarpilot originals and a baker’s dozen of remixes by the likes of Ramadanman, Trevino, and Brendon Moeller. Get a taste of both discs with these mixes, created by Sonarpilot Audio Label Manager (and featured remixer) Jonny Miller.

Remix Transmissions (Mixed Version)
1. Sonarpilot – Corrosion (Viva Shade Remix)
2. Sonarpilot – Flotsam (Oriol remix)
3. Sonarpilot – Voodoo Logic (Ramadanman Refix)
4. Sonarpilot – Freefall (Aybee Remix)
5. Sonarpilot – Ocean Dub (Soy Mustafa’s S2000 Rendition)
6. Sonarpilot – June Dub (Brendon Moeller Dub 2)
7. Sonarpilot – Open House (Danny J Lewis Keyapella & Remix)
8. Sonarpilot – LTM (Lay-Far Remix)
9. Sonarpilot – June Dub (Jonny Miller Remix)
10. Sonarpilot – Namibia Nightflight (Kay Suzuki Remix)
11. Sonarpilot – Radar (Trevino Remix & Trevino’s Techno Remix
12. Sonarpilot – Open House (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)

Original Material (Mixed Version)
1. Sonarpilot – Radar (Original)
2. Sonarpilot – Corrosion (Original)
3. Sonarpilot – URMBR (Original)
4. Sonarpilot – Freefall (Sonarpilot Remix)
5. Sonarpilot – Namibia Nightflight (Original)
6. Sonarpilot – Ocean Dub (Original)
7. Sonarpilot – Flotsam (Original)
8. Sonarpilot – June Dub (Original)
9. Sonarpilot – LTM



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