One of Detroit’s finest modern producers, Omar-S, has announced details of his third album.

Titled Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself, it follows 2011’s brilliantly-titled (and kind of true), It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It, but where that album featured a combination of new material and previously released tracks, this LP is “all new”. We could, at this point, talk for paragraph after paragraph about Omar-S – the consistant excellence of his FXHE label, the way his tracks blend sultry soul with raw, jacking machine music, and the way that he’s one of house and techno’s most entertaining personalities, but nobody talks Omar-S quite like Omar-S. Omar broke the news of this new album in an interview with Juno this morning, and you should read his various descriptions of the record here.

Our highlight? “Artwork is not important here,w ho looks at artwork on the dance floor you know? Only a momma’s boy cares about artwork!” That’s us told.

1. I’ll Bring U Ah Lil Sumpin Back
2. I Just Want
3. Air Of The Day
4. Be Yoself
5. Rewind
6. The Shit Baby (CP-1 Played By D.Taylor)
7. Hellter Shelter
8. Amalthea
9. Tardigrade’s
10. Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself
11. Ready My Black Asz
12. Messier Sixty Eight
13. DumpsterGraves
14. Its Money In The “D”



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