The Necks' Chris Abrahams summons <em>Memory Night</em> on new album

Pianist and sound manipulator Chris Abrahams has announced his first solo full-length since 2010’s Play Scar

Abrahams is one third of long-running Australian improv institution The Necks, renowned for their commitment to long-form; a single Necks extemporisation typically clocks in at 45+ minutes. He’s also put in time with jazz-cum-field recording project Trees, and worked as a sideman for The Sparklers’ Melanie Oxley. He saves his most explicitly electronic work for his solo records: take 2005’s Thrown, which saw Abrahams eking compelling soundscapes out of an acoustic piano and a Yamaha DX7. He surpassed himself with 2010’s beautiful Play Scar, a widely lauded collection of soupy organ work, glitch and processed drone which shared some DNA with Alva Noto’s work with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Memory Night will be Abrahams’ third LP for Room40, responsible for fine Bee Mask and Ben Frost releases in 2012. The label promise an album where “electronics and instruments meet in a constant state of tension and release”, and suggest the record will be his most “haunting” to date. Prickly track ‘Stabilised Ruin’ is available to stream below.



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