You have to envy Dinos Chapman.

Not content with being one of the world’s most celebrated and controversial visual artists, thanks to 21 years of gleefully transgressive collaboration with his brother Jake, Chapman this month releases his debut album of solo electronic music, Luftbobler. And, far from falling flat on his arse, he’s turned out a work of considerable poise, power and originality.

The London-born artist is an avowed fan of Aphex Twin, Stockhausen, Throbbing Gristle and Squarepusher, and you can certainly see their influence in Luftbobler‘s complex, kinetic compositions. Equal parts wonder and dread, dream and nightmare, this music is nothing if not nocturnal in character – indeed, it’s unsurprising to learn that Chapman, a chronic insomnia sufferer, recorded everything in the dead of night.

Earlier this week, we ran an in-depth interview with Chapman about the processes behind Luftbobler; you can now watch a filmed version of that piece above. The Vinyl Factory [full disclosure: FACT is part of the Vinyl Factory group] have made Luftbobler available on CD, digital, gatefold LP and limited edition (300 copies) LP formats, while Dinos has also created a site-specific audio-visual installation of Luftbobler for The Vinyl Factory’s Soho gallery (beneath Phonica Records), which runs from February 28 to March 3. More information here.



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