Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey's The D.O.T. return for new album, <i>Diary</i>

Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey’s partnership as The D.O.T. returns with a new album, Diary, on May 6.

Released less than a year after the group’s debut, last October’s And ThatDiary comes preceded by a single, ‘How We All Lie’ – a track that Skinner describes as “written in a very traditional way, apart from the MPC drum machine that started it all off.  There are a lot of references to the football section of the newspaper’s that day, because it fit with the theme of the way we have to lie to reassure ourselves that we are part of society”.

Watch the video for ‘How We All Lie’, plus Skinner and Harvey talking having babies and getting wrecked with Danny Brown with FACT TV, below.

1. Make It Your Own
2. Don’t Look At The Road
3. Blood, Sweat And Tears
4. How We All Lie
5. Under A Ladder
6. Makers Mark
7. Left At The Lights
8. Left Alone
9. Wherever You May Be
10. Most Of My Time
11. What Am I Supposed To Do?
12. How Hard Can It Be?



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