Let’s see you match this, Brian Wilson

School Of Rock, as per the Jack Black film, is a US-wide music programme offering youngsters rock-focused music lessons and workshops. One of the franchise’s banner schemes is a course called ‘Epic Albums’, where groups of students prepare to rattle through classic records in their entirety. The list of prescribed albums will be pretty familiar: Nevermind, OK Computer and Led Zeppelin’s IV all make the cut.

As Pitchfork report, the Portland, Oregon order have panned much further afield than their peers. Showing rare ambition and unusually good taste, a group of student have devoted themselves to Battles’ 2007 LP Mirrored, performing the album in its entirety.  It’s a seriously ambitious choice – Mirrored is a maze of knotty time-signatures,  mad polyrhythms and highly technical fretwork. The crew acquit themselves remarkably well, powering through ‘Atlas’, ‘Tonto’ and the convulsive ‘Ddiamondd’ with aplomb. Bless.

Battles’ Twitter response says it all: “Wow”.



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