Floyd Campbell to release <em>Bank Walls</em> EP on Body High

The Los Angeles tunesmith readies his second effort for Body High.

The enigmatic Floyd Campbell emerged last year with the Drifted EP. As co-boss Samo Sound Boy pointed out in conversation with FACT, Campbell had sent him “super-rough, unfinished” demoes before the label even existed, and shepherding him into the music world has been one of Body High’s proudest accomplishments.

On March 19, Body High will release Floyd Campbell’s Bank Walls EP. The cover art and tracklist are below. Earlier this year, Campbell shared the VISIONS2 mix (below), perhaps previewing some of his new material. [via XLR8R]

01 Bank Walls
02 Catch Vapyrs
03 Lentix
04 Stretch
05 4thAJuly
06 Tension



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