While most of us might be content with our Beats by Dre headphones, it looks like one company is willing to take the portable bass experience just that little bit further.

SubPac have invented what they call ‘tactile audio technology’ that allows the listener to experience the feeling of being in a well kitted out club in the comfort of their own home or even on the move. Through a specially developed backpack system, the SubPac quietly and directly channels all bass frequencies (from 5-130Hz) through your body, allowing you to literally feel the bass rather than necessarily blow seven shades of shit out of your ear drums.

Not having tested the technology ourselves we must admit it sounds a little out there, but the SubPac team have put together a shockingly reliable selection of heads to cosign their product. When you have Bok Bok, Joker, Mala, Pinch and Kode9 on your side, it’s actually possible that you really know your bass after all. We admit it, we want to try one.

For more details and ordering information check the SubPac website.



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