Need to swot up on your leftfield rap? Stream Red Reef's ace primer, featuring Tree, Left Leberra and Metro Zu

Cali crew Rad Reef have curated a Dummy’s Guide to hip-hop’s lunatic fringe. 

New No Wave arrives courtesy of Rad Reef leader and Bay Area personality Zachg, and collects a glut of material from producers and rappers scattered across the US. Some faces will be thoroughly familiar: Lil B’s right-hand man Keyboard Kid, Main Attrakionz/Deniro Farrar associate Shady Blaze and scatological Miami larkers Metro Zu all feature. Other names of note include Chicago’s Tree, who impressed with last year’s wonderfully rich “soul trap” collection Sunday School, and Connecticut conceptualist Left Leberra.

Lesser known contributors include Austin navel-gazer (and Beautiful Lou affiliate) Western Tink, San Jose cumbia dude Turbo Sonidero Futuristico and Detroit producer Black Noi$e. Some of the material is voguish rather than essential – it’s telling that Mishka NYC have already snapped up a fair few of these artists at some point – but it’s a helpful point of entry for those looking to brush up on their blog-ready rap.

Head here to listen, courtesy of SPIN.



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