New label R-Zone promises to move in mysterious ways. 

Dutch DJ crew Global Darkness centre around DJ TLR, founder of the venturesome Crème Organization imprint (who deserve credit for pre-empting the current trend for beat-up house/ techno by a good decade). As Resident Advisor report, the crew have just launched new label R-Zone, dedicated to releasing anonymous 12″s from well-known dance producers. Global Darkness describe their label as “a shadowy place that never fully exists yet is always waiting” (which, conveniently enough, just about sums up their website).

Although TLR and co are keeping schtum about exactly who will release what, they have confirmed that a disc is planned from Optimo’s JD Twitch, last heard collaborating with Neil Landstrumm as Doubleheart. WT Records boss Willie Burns will also contribute, as will fellow Crème Organization alumnus D’Marc Cantu and Philip Lauer/Gerd Janson project Tuff City Kids.

The first disc – a three-track LP of 100bpm electro, which, on the face of it, could belong Cantu – is out on April 15, and can be sampled below.

A1 Houz Nation
B1 Rattler
B2 Smile Little Zoe



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