London producer Mr. Beatnick will release a new EP, Savannah, on April 15.

It marks the third in a series of EPs for Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid label, each of which have found the producer, whose background is actually in hip-hop, moving further into the realms of house music. Although both of the first two EPs in the series, Synthetes and Sun Goddess, fell into the realms of Summer-friendly house music, they never fall into cheesy territory – think the dust in a basement studio lit up by the sun before tanned biceps on an Ibiza terrace.

Don’t Be Afraid will be toasting the EP’s release with a loft party on March 28. Sets come from Outboxx, Idle Hands’ Chris Farrell and Beatnick himself; for more information head here [via Juno].

Watch FACT TV go Record Shopping with Mr. Beatnick below.



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