Fans of library music rejoice; Strut have put together a bumper reissue of the highly sought after KPM records collection Music For Dancefloors.

While these tracks were intended for use on radio or television (KPM famously licensed themes to UK TV hits Grandstand, Mastermind and The News at 10) they have been granted a new lease of life in the last couple of decades providing sources for a plethora of rap instrumentals.

It’s almost become cliche at this point for a crate digging vinyl junkie to get all nervy and sweaty-palmed over a rare collection of unheard library gems, but it’s warranted; these collections of instrumental oddities are some of the best starting points for any producer. Jay-Z, MF Doom, Dangermouse, Madlib and more have all dipped their hands in the KPM cookie jar, so it is more than timely for Strut to decide to allow those of us who missed the first round another chance to grab this influential compilation.

This new issue features a bonus disc which showcases a live recording from the KPM All Stars, a troupe that brought together many of the KPM imprint’s most storied composers. Their one off performance at London’s Jazz Cafe on April 27 2000 is reason alone to give the reissue a closer look, and the fact that they got Alan Hawkshaw, James Clarke and Keith Mansfield in a room together to perform everyone’s favourite KPM TV themes is just astounding.

Music For Dancefloors – The KPM Music Library is due for release on April 1 on 2CD, 2LP and digital on Strut.


1. That’s What Friends Are For – Composed by Alan Parker. Vocals by Madeline Bell
2. Unlimited Love – Composed by Alan Parker
3. Funky Express – Composed by Duncan Lamont
4. Assault Course – Composed by Johnny Pearson
5. Samba Street – Composed by Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper
6. Second Cut – Composed by James Clarke
7. Swamp Fever – Composed by John Cameron
8. Reggae Train – Composed by William Farley and Dennis Bovell
9. Incidental Backcloth No. 9 – Composed by Keith Mansfield
10. Cross Talk – Composed by Francis Coppieters
11. In Advance – Composed by P. Xanten. Performed by Pierre Lavin Pop Band
12. Senior Thump – Composed by Alan Hawkshaw
13. Expo In Tokyo – Composed by Alan Moorhouse
14. Nascimbene – Interlude: Witchdoctor
15. Jungle Baby – Composed by H. Ehrlinger. Performed by Juan Erlando & His Latin Band
16. Morning 1 / Morning 2 – Composed by Klaus Weiss
17. Freeway To Rio – Composed by Les Baxter
18. Brazil Express – Composed by G. Callert. Performed by Juan Erlando & His Latin Band
19. Piano In Transit – Composed by Francis Coppieters
20. Crash Course – Composed by Keith Mansfield


1. Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Soul Thing
2. Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Theme from ‘Dave Allen At Large’
3. Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Beat Boutique
4. KPM All Stars – Swamp Fever
5. KPM All Stars – Unlimited Love
6. KPM All Stars feat. Emma Kershaw – That’s What Friends Are For
7. James Clarke with Steve Grey and KPM All Stars – Second Cut
8. Duncan Lamont with KPM All Stars – Funky Express
9. Alan Hawkshaw with KPM All Stars – Girl In A Sportscar
10. Alan Hawkshaw with KPM All Stars – Senior Thump
11. Alan Hawkshaw with KPM All Stars – Landscape
12. Alan Hawkshaw with Kirsty Hawkshaw and KPM All Stars – The Champ
13. Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Crash Course
14. Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – UK Sports Theme Medley: Theme from ‘The Big Match’ / Theme from BBC Wimbledon Tennis / Theme from BBC Athletics / Theme from ‘Grandstand’



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