We double dare you to listen to Dead Fader's skin-melting 'Potion Shop'

John Cohen’s Deadfader project doesn’t exactly deal in sweetness and light. 

2010’s Corrupt My Examiner and 2011’s Luckeey EP, both issued as Dead Fader, showcased Cohen’s dysphoric brand of steelwork beat music. Last year’s work it, no for Robot Elephant continued his descent into darkness, and boasted a typically zonked guest verse from Sensational.

New cut ‘Potion Shop’ is, we suppose, nominally a hip-hop beat, but that’s a little like calling Francis Bacon’s Pope Innocent X an oil portrait. Every element is drenched in distortion – each kick comes wrapped in barbed wire, each snare is calculated to spook. Admirers of Pete Swanson’s recent output and, to a lesser degree, Container’s butchered techno will find plenty to enjoy. A suckerpunch, with glass knuckledusters.

‘Potion Shop’ is taken from Brighton label Cutting Room Records’ forthcoming CRRMMXIII compilation, due on April 8. Head here for more details.



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