Kingdom goes <i>Vertical XL</i> on new seven-track EP for Fade to Mind

Kingdom will release a new seven-track EP, Vertical XL, on his own Fade to Mind label this May.

Following a series of under-the-radar mixtapes, Kingdom broke through with 2010’s anthemic ‘Mindreader’ before expanding his palette on the five-track That Mystic EP on Night Slugs. 2011 saw him co-found the Night Slugs sister label Fade to Mind, while also dropping the Dreama EP on Slugs. Believe it or not, there was a time when blending r’n’b vocals, footwork and crunk-inspired 808 drums and ballroom wasn’t the done thing, and Kingdom’s been on that particular wave for quite some time.

Vertical XL leads with a new version of ‘Bank Head’, originally featured on Night Slugs’ All-Stars Vol. 2 compilation and now voiced by Kelela. For those eager to hear the new version, it features on Bok Bok’s recent mix for Fade to Mind.

1. Bank Head (feat. Kelela)
2. Zip Line
3. Corpse
4. OG Master
5. Viper Lash
6. Takedown Notice
7. Viper XL



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