Premiere: stream the first in a new series of podcasts by Squarepusher, revisiting past albums, remixes and more - Endless Flamethrower

Breakbeat wizard Squarepusher revisits and mixes up highlights from his impressive back catalogue in a new series of podcasts. 

On the second of these mixes, ‘Endless Flamethrower’ (premiered today through FACT; the first, ‘Instantium Hardphace’ was tied into last year’s Bloc), ‘Pusher focuses on the mid-noughties and late-nineties, opening on a pair of tracks from Hello Everything (2006) before heading back through Ultravisitor (2004), Go Plastic (2001), Port Rhombus (1996) and Feed Me Weird Things (1996).

Although Squarepusher’s made most headlines for his albums (well, that and ‘Red Hot Car’), his discography is packed with anomalies and forgotten-by-many EPs, so we’re excited to see what he digs out on subsequent podcasts. Speaking about the series, Jenkinson describes the mixes as “horizontal slices”. “The idea”, he explains, “is that there are several long running ‘themes’ in my work -in other words, groups of pieces across time that partake of some kind of stylistic commonality. So whilst any given group will draw from nearly twenty years of releases, it will have an aesthetic unity that individual albums have often shunned. Of course, it’s up to the listener to make sense (or otherwise) of what that aesthetic may be!”. You can stream it below.

Squarepusher takes his UFABULUM live show to London this month, with support from The Bug and Factory Floor.



“Rotate Electrolyte” / Hello Everything (2006)
“Planetarium” / Hello Everything (2006)
“Ultravisitor” / Ultravisitor (2004)
“Welcome To Europe” / Hello Everything (2006)
“I Wish You Could Talk” / Go Plastic (2001)
“PSultan (Squarepusher remix)” / Chaos A.D. (1998)
“Port Rhombus” / Port Rhombus e.p. (1996)
“Tetra-Sync” / Ultravisitor (2004)
“Tommib” / Go Plastic (2001)
“Theme From Ernest Borgnine” / Feed Me Weird Things (1996)



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