Factory Floor announce joint 12" with experimental Peter Gordon

Composer, saxophonist and all-round vanguardist Peter Gordon has teamed up with Factory Floor for a curious new release. 

Gordon is the lynchpin of post-punk collective Love Of Life Orchestra, a group whose number have variously included Laurie Anderson, Rhys Chatham and the great Arthur Russell. Gordon’s music, ranging from early punk-funk in the late 1970s through to twisted disco as Justine And The Victorian Punks, has long been quietly influential (and, following a series of high profile shout-outs on James Murphy and Pat Mahoney’s 2007 FabricLive mix, conspicuously influential). Subsequent work – and there’s a lot of it – includes a slew of multimedia art performances, an opera centred around the Golden Gate Bridge, and material for the Desperate Housewives OST.

As Exclaim note, Gordon will club up with DFA three-piece Factory Floor on a new collaborative 12″. The relationship between the two camps began after Nik Colk Void sent the following piece of fanmail to Gordon:

“Hey Peter, just noticed you on a Rhys Chatham link. Just want to say I adore your work, I had a release on DFA recently, and they sent me some of your releases you did with Jonathan – so brilliant! I’ve had “Condo” track for a while, this completely catches my personality and when I feel disillusioned or need comfort, I always put this on, and it makes me feel good and strong…..i will stop gushing now! Thank you!”

Mutual admiration blossomed into collaboration: Void emailed a demo over to Gordon, which he subsequently added overdubs to. The transatlantic sessions resulted in two new tracks, ‘Beachcoming’ and ‘C-Side’, both included on a new 12″ for Optimo Music. ‘Beachcoming’ is a 14-minute-plus kosmiche groover, spotted with saxophone and processed vocals. The flip, ‘C-Side’, is a more gentle affair which somehow blossoms from No Wave into New Age over its eight minutes. ‘Beachcombing’ features additional contributions from Factory Floor’s Gabriel Gurnsey, and ‘C-Side’ sees the band’s Dominic Butler working with Gordon.

‘Beachcoming’/’C-Side’  is due on April 8



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