Old Apparatus' LTO and UK rapper Mowgli put 'Metal On Oxtongue' as Khing Kang King

Meet Khing Kang King –  the second collaborative side project in as many months from recondite bass unit Old Apparatus. 

Last month saw Old Apparatus’ A. Levitas unveil his Saa project, produced in partnership with singer Linn Carin Dirdal. The three extant tracks offered twisted urban soul, pitched somewhere between Various Productions and Sade. The next OA member to play away from home is LTO, responsible for the Realise instalment of the crew’s 2012 EP series – and he’s on a different tip entirely.

Khing Kang King sees LTO recruit tricksy UK rapper Mowgli, last heard in these parts paying tribute to Mount Kimbie on the Mont.Alk EP. It’s not the first time the two parties have collaborated, with Mowgli contributing rhymes to 2011 Deep Medi Muzik single ‘Hammerhand’. The pair are now set to release the IAO EP on Sullen Tone, the first project not credited to Old Apparatus on the label.

Lead track ‘Metal On Oxtongue’, available below, is much less chaotic than ‘Hammerhand”s unquantized squelch, but it’s still a disorientating listen. LTO’s beat sets electronic drones and sampled speech snatches over some industrial dubstep swing; Mowgli, meanwhile, fires off non-sequiteurs and gnomic threats.

IAO is due on April 8. [via No Fear Of Pop]



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