Premiere: stream <i>Offseason Traveller</i>, the debut album by Berlin house adventurer Aera

It seems like forever that we’ve been telling people to check out Aera.

The Berlin-based producer has been steadily self-releasing excellent dance singles for the last half decade, today accumulating in his debut album, Offseason TravellerNamed because of the time Aera spent in South America while writing it, it’s a self-described “notebook” of MPC funk, smeared house, quasi-dubstep and more; when FACT spoke to Aera for an On Record feature earlier this year, he explained that South America “influenced the music – not in terms of South American music, but more just being out there, on the road, it was six months of total freedom. Each day, a new city. That’s one thing that influenced it, but on the other hand coming back to Berlin and working again – I had to use every spare hour to make the music.”

Offseason Traveller is out today through Aleph Music; FACT have the exclusive stream below.



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