With Old just around the corner Danny Brown has dropped another stunning teaser with ‘Kush Coma’.

Produced by fellow Detroit representative SKYWLKR, the track instantly gives us exactly what we want from Brown and his producer with a dangerously heavy beat graced aggressively with Brown’s characteristically rich rhymes. The album version promises to feature a guest verse from A$AP Rocky, but it doesn’t sound to us like like the track is losing much without it.

SKYWLKR’s grime influence is bubbling up to the fore yet again, and while the bass is pure Atlanta, those 8-bit synths give away the producer’s obsession with the UK pretty conclusively. This should sit well with Brown’s promised collaboration with Rustie, which has also been confirmed for the full length.

No release date has been set yet for Old, but Brown has hinted that it will be around August 15, which was the date XXX dropped in 2011.



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