Treble Clef, the man behind grime classic 'Ghetto Kyote', drops 15-track mixtape <i>Treble's Diary</i>

‘Ghetto Kyote’ must hang over Treble Clef like a spectre. 

One of grime’s greatest, most haunting ever moments, the instrumental – released on white label under the name (of Treble Clef’s crew) Kamikaze in 2005, then later in 2006 with vocal versions from Kano and more – has, for many, never been topped. A reissue on Butterz was planned at one point, but that appears to be dead in the water – meanwhile, Treble Clef’s live rendition of the track has become a cult YouTube hit.

Today, Clef releases a new mixtape, titled Treble’s Diary. Described as “a musical diary. A collection of music I have made between the years 2004-present day”, it’s predictably musical, with fluttering synths, complex melodies, samples of guitar and more, and is pretty much the definition of a welcome surprise. Download it below – fans of Swindle and Joker should be all over this.

01: Y Grime
02: Crying Grime
03: Blue Slimzz
04: Duppy K
05: Night vision
06: Don Clef
07: In your eyes
08: Broken Clef
09: Middle East
10: China’s Town
11: Marching Man
12: Ping pong
13: Dirty
14: Grime Blues
15: Classical Clef



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