Pie-eyed romantic Teebs has taken on Hundred Waters’ lovely ‘Boreal’ single.  

Florida’s Hundred Waters specialise in gentle electronic pop, cut from the same muslin cloth as The Bird And The Bee and High Places. They’re a natural fit for Brainfeeder cohort Teebs, who, since breakthrough tracks like ‘WLTA’ and ‘Arthurs Birds’ at the tail-end of the 2000s, has just about cornered the market on gelatinous, punch drunk beat music. True to form, his ‘Boerealis’ edit is a babbling brook of a remix, a swirl of churning loops and muggy orchestration.

According to vocalist Nicole Miglis, the remix began as something else entirely:

“Teebs originally sent us a remix in 2 parts, the first half being more like a remix and the second half being this hypnotic thing. I asked teebs if he’d be down to collaborate on the second half and sent over some vocals. then teebs did his teebs magic and came out with this track. we really love what he made. If someone were to paint the song, i think this is how it would feel.”

The remix is due on March 26 through Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint.



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