Listen to Sepalcure's 'Make You', the title track off their forthcoming Hotflush EP

Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart flip a Whitney Houston sample into a gauzy house groove.

On ‘Make You’, a line from Whitney’s ‘Love Will Save The Day’ (“sometimes life will make you crazy”) is looped into an incantation, starting fully submerged in the mix before emerging from the gorgeous fog that surrounds it. Sure, it’s a trick pulled ad nauseam over the past few years, but the classical guitar melody and jumpy percussion give the song someone unique to hang its hat on.

The song is the title track of the duo’s forthcoming Hotflush EP, due out April 15. Press materials promise that Make You contains “heartbreaking melodies, skittering footwork percussion, chopped guitar cuts and infectious tremelo vocals.” So far so good, then.



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