They might break up more than the AT&T network, but rappers Capone-N-Noreaga have patched things up and are geared up to make a return.

Noreaga’s already had a peculiar year, changing his (already changed) stage name from N.O.R.E. to P.A.P.I. for some reason unbeknownst to us, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting together with his old friend to get the old band back together. Capone went some way to explain the group’s long hiatus on rap radio show Sway In The Morning:

“It’s probably my fault, but it’s probably his fault too. We’re both to blame, we be stubborn sometimes but we brothers. One minute he’s doing this, one minute I’m doing that. But right now, his joint come out, after that we going straight full throttle with it. Nobody’s gonna be to blame then.”

We’re glad they’ve settled their differences, and if the reunion does yield more results in line with the duo’s stone-cold-classic The War Report, everyone’s a winner.

Listen to the brief interview below.



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