The Italian slow disco dons aren’t afraid to add a splash of bubbly to the party.

Rex The Dog’s original version of ‘Do You Feel What I Feel’ is an inviting, reverential pastiche of Donna Summer and Georgio Moroder’s unforgettable ‘I Feel Love’. This might seem to suit Italian duo Tiger & Woods to a tee, being as fizzing, cosmic disco has always been their calling card, but they manage somehow to strip almost any recognizable elements out of the track with a wry smile to camera three.

Jamie McDermot’s assured high-pitched vocal becomes a mere ghost, more Liz Harris than Mz Summer, and the rolling synths are replaced by a spacey, slightly cheeky analogue bassline. It’s retro, certainly, but Tiger & Woods offset this by lacing the track with an effortless funk that’s just hard to stay on the wrong side of. It feels good.

‘Do You Feel What I Feel’ is out on May 6 on Southern Fried on 12″ and digital.


01 Original version
02 Bonn
03 Rex The Dog Pratersauna remix
04 Jacques Renault vocal remix
05 Kim Ann Foxman remix
06 Tiger & Woods remix
07 Riva Starr remix



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