Stream <em>Japandorf</em>, the final album from the legendary Klaus Dinger, in full.

Five years after his death, the final album from Krautrock pioneer Klaus Dinger is about to see the light of day.

Dinger’s CV – from 1970-1985 at least – is pretty remarkable. The German played drums and toured with one of the earliest incarnations of Kraftwerk, and, with Michael Rother, helped create the motorik sound as Neu!. Subsequent projects, notably La Düsseldorf, also enjoyed substantial commercial and critical success.

In the years before his death, Dinger assembled a host of Japanese-born, Düsseldorf-based artists and non-musicians to experiment and jam. The resulting project, Japandorf, produced three albums’ worth of material, none of which saw official release. The third record in the series, also titled Japandorf, is now getting an official release courtesy of Grönland. It’s a cheery collection of driving pop and groove-based rock’n’roll, spotted with interstitial sketches and skits.

Japandorf is now available to stream in full, courtesy of The Quietus. Click below to listen.



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