It’s not for the… oh never mind.

Demdike Stare have already had an astounding March, punishing our ear drums with the deconstructed jungle of ‘Collision‘, but now the duo’s Miles Whittaker takes it a step further with his debut solo album proper.

Entitled Faint Hearted, the record shouldn’t surprise anyone who heard Whittaker’s clamorous Facets EP as it finds the producer blending his obsession with noise with an immense knowledge of dance music’s history. All too often history can trip a producer into repetition or complacency, but Whittaker doesn’t appear phased at all as he references Surgeon and the Birmingham industrial techno scene with ‘Status Narcissism’ and on the other end of the spectrum, German neo classical composition with ‘Archaic Thought Pattern’. It’s an ambitious record, and in the wrong hands would sink under the weight of its ideas; luckily for us, Whittaker’s got plenty of ballast.

Faint Hearted is out now on Modern Love on LP and digital.



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