The Field dismantles At The Drive-In's 'One Armed Scissor' on new remix

Last month, Willner remixed sunstruck Aussie psych-merchants Tame Impala – a natural fit, considering both acts’ mutual interest in viscous textures and processed loops.

Willner’s most recent commission sees him testing his remix smarts with a very different sort of band – defunct Texan post-hardcore unit At The Drive-In. As Pitchfork note, Willner has had a crack at the band’s 2000 calling card ‘One Armed Scissor’. As expected, it’s nothing like the original sanding down ATD-I’s whiplash playing and furious vocals into an impressionist blur. The results, as ever, sound like they could only have come from Willner’s hard drive (although it can’t just be us who can detect residual traces of Battles in the swirl).

The remix will arrive on 12″ on Transgressive on May 13. A special coloured edition will also see release on Record Store Day, which falls on April 20.



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