The popular Ableton controller gets a facelift.

Novation’s Launchpad has long been a favourite of producers for its versatile control over the popular Ableton Live software, and now with a new update the controller is gaining even more usability. Fruity Loops fans will be pleased to know that the Launchpad S adds support for FL Studio, but the most striking update is that the controller will now be able to work with the iPad (providing you have an Apple Camera Connection Kit).

With its own standalone Launchpad app, users will now be able to perform, control and compose just using the Launchpad S and the iPad; not bad for something that in theory is ‘just a midi controller’. The app features a host of effects and sample tools which will enable you to trigger loops, add filters or go crazy with effects (here’s a tip though, take it easy with the flange). As if you needed any more reason to take a punt, Novation are shipping the Launchpad S with a specially tailored version of Ableton Live and more interestingly for us, a software version of the company’s fabled 303 clone; the Bass Station.

Take a look at this video demonstration of the original Launchpad below.



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