Groove – the debut studio recording by revered multimedia artist Christian Marclay – is to get its first ever vinyl release, courtesy of The Vinyl Factory. 

Marclay has long experimented with the sonic possibilities of the turntable: Recycled Records (1980-86) dismantled and reassembled vinyl records in strange new forms, and his Body Mix series (1991-2) produced striking hybrids of record covers.

His first recorded endeavour, Groove, was set to wax in New York in 1982. Using a primitive 8-track recorder, Marclay layered multiple copies of the same 7″ over one another. Stickers were placed straight on the groove, causing the needle to skip and repeat. The result is an eerie drone piece with echoes of Industrial, and provides a point of passage between James Tenney’s collage works and Philip Jeck’s turntable mischief.

In May, The Vinyl Factory will issued the first ever vinyl edition of Groove. The single has been specially mastered and pressed on the EMI 1400, and will arrive on 180g heavyweight vinyl. The A-side will feature a series of locked grooves, whereas the flip will include a number of bonus loops to be mixed or added to the main track. The pressing is strictly limited to 300 copies, and the first 100 will come hand-signed by Christian Marclay.

Groove is due on May 1; head to The Vinyl Factory site to pre-order.



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