With album Moody Coup on target for May 6, Baltimore sample addict Co La drops new single ‘Deaf Christian’.

Matt Papich’s last record Daydream Repeater was a rich tapestry of peculiar samples, all woven together to produce something altogether quite beguiling, and from the bits we’ve heard of Moody Coup he’s not afraid to step away from the template a little. ‘Deaf Christian’ retains Papich’s penchant for looping samples with a Lynchian girl-group sample forming the track’s backbone, but adds Papich’s own vocals, transforming it into something that might even be mistaken for ‘proper’ pop music.

Director Andrew Strasser’s video is similarly quirky, and has Papich explore his destructive side, crushing and chopping up fruit for reasons that aren’t made entirely clear. It’s all very odd, and as such sets the mood perfectly for Moody Coup.

Moody Coup is out on May 6 on Software.



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