Onra's Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo project mix 'Honey, Hash, Rose'

Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo sees French producer Onra unleash his inner Sun Ra.

On his best known discs (2010’s Long Distance; 2012’s Deep In The Night), Onra produced ultra-swish disco and beat music with a neon gleam. The Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo project, produced in collaboration with Favourite Recordings beatmaker Sativa, couldn’t be more different: “deep, spiritual jazz” conceived in a spirit of “no-rules spontaneity” is the order of the day.

With their self-titled debut album due next week, the pair have released new track ‘Honey, Hash, Rose’. The track offers low-slung hip-hop as rendered by flutes, harps and acoustic percussion – aficionados of Tortoise spin-off Isotope 217 or the dimly remembered Clutchy Hopkins project will be right at home.

Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo drops on April 9. [via Potholes In My Blog]



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