Estonian-born producer Maria Minerva is back with another EP of phantasmagoric disco. 

Minerva’s come some way since 2010′s beguiling but messy Talinn At Dawn tape, carving herself a niche as a frequently surprising, invariably interesting lo-fi artist. Releases in the last 18 months include:  the Sacred & Profane Love 12″ for 100% Silk; Not Not Fun full-length Will Happiness Find Me; and last year’s modish The Integration disc with Amanda ‘LA Vampires’ Brown.

Bless is Minerva’s latest, and collects five new cuts (including the spry ‘Black Magick’). Cali producer Miss Blacktronica also contributes a thumping ‘Black Magick’ remix. Partial to smudgy disco and half-remembered house? Bless will see you right.

Bless is out now on 100% Silk. [via SPIN]



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