Listen to Queens of the Stone Age's 'My God is the Sun'

First premiered at Lollapalooza Brazil, the desert rockers share the lead single off their forthcoming album.

‘My God is the Sun’ is a return to form after the underwhelming Era Vulgaris. The headbanger features a live-wire riff, Josh Homme at his most operatic, a relentless rhythm section motor, and some haunted house theremin reminiscent of the band’s weirder B-movie inclinations.

Queens of the Stone Age will release …Like Clockwork on new home Matador Records on June 3 in the UK and June 4 in the US. …Like Clockwork features appearances by Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Elton John, Mark Lanegan, former member Nick Oliveri, and many more. The album will be available to pre-order from Matador and iTunes at midnight, and pre-orderers will receive ‘My God is the Sun’ instantly.

Update: The ‘My God is the Sun’ website also includes a link to the album’s cover art.



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