Daft Punk to premiere <em>Random Access Memories</em> in tiny Australian town

Some of the first people to hear the duo’s new album will be the residents of a 2,000-person town in New South Wales.

Australia’s Herald Sun reports that the “global launch party” for Random Access Memories will be held on May 17 at the Wee Waa Show, an annual event in Australia’s cotton capital. The tiny town is about 8 hours from Sydney in northwest New South Wales.

Granted, this seems like a late April Fools’ joke (or a cruel prank on the town of Wee Waa), but it is being reported across the Australian media. Allegedly, new label Sony Music/Columbia approached Daft Punk and the town council about a launch party — to keep with the duo’s “aethetic of breaking down barriers” — and Daft Punk were impressed with Wee Waa’s telescope and satellites. While a website does not yet exist, a WHOIS of “daftpunkweewaa.com” points to a Sony representative, and we are trying to confirm its authenticity.

However, Daft Punk will not appear at the Wee Waa Show and Random Access Memories will be released in Europe and Australia on May 17 (with a private playback in London that week) perhaps diminishing the impact of the show. Update: While they aren’t revealing their sources, Pitchfork says they’ve confirmed that “all of this is actually true.”

Update 2: Disco Naïveté tweets that Nabil Elderkin is doing a photoshoot and directing a video for Daft Punk. Nabil, whose credits include GOOD Music’s ‘Mercy’ and Frank Ocean’s ‘Pyramids’, posted a vague picture of the shoot on Instagram.



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