Italians Do It Better plans Chromatics, Symmetry reissues

Mike Simonetti and Johnny Jewel’s dancefloor imprint will release material from some of Jewel’s projects. reports the news, based on additions to the label’s webstore. First up is an expanded vinyl version of last year’s Running From The Sun mixtape, which included previously-unheard offcuts from the band’s Kill For Love sessions.

There’s also an eight-track LP based on ‘Cherry’ (to be pressed on opaque cherry red vinyl, naturally), a 12″ version of the Drive OST-featured ‘Tick of the Clock’, and an “ultra rare original pressing” of The Messenger, by Jewel’s Symmetry project.

All of the reissues are listed without release dates, much like the forthcoming After Dark 2 compilation. Until then, enjoy the mix that Johnny Jewel shared last December.

Chromatics, Running From the Sun:
1. Dreaming In Color

2. Red Car

3. Kill For Love

4. Last Wish

5. Running From The Sun

6. Disintegration

7. These Streets Will Never Look The Same

8. Blue Moon

Chromatics, Cherry:
1. Cherry

2. Candy (Original Version)

3. Headlight’s Glare

4. Ceremony (ft. Ida No)

5. At Your Door

6. Cherry (I Can’t Keep Running)

7. Vertigo

8. Cherry (Instrumental)

Chromatics, Tick of the Clock 12″:
1. Tick Of The Clock (Film Edit)

2. Tick Of The Clock (Visione’s The Stroke Of Midnight Remix)

3. Tick Of The Clock (Extended Overdrive)

Symmetry The Messenger:
1. Recurring Dream

2. The Messenger

3. Vanishing Point

4. Carousel

5. Waiting Room

6. Uptown Rain

7. Thicker Than Blood

8. Roulette

9. Lost In Time

10. Tunnel Vision

11. Surface Control

12. The Dancer

13. The Hunt



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