Pop for the witching hour, courtesy of newcomer Butterclock. 

Laura Clock – who, despite having a wonderful given name, has opted for the Butterclock moniker – made herself known on oOoOO’s 2012 EP Our Love Is Hurting Us, adding a human touch to closing track ‘NoWayBack’. As recent track ‘Don’t’ suggested, her solo work takes more than a few cues from the Tri Angle camp, but there’s a touch of trance – part Little Boots, part Lorenzo Senni – that adds some unexpected sheen to the cultivated gloom of her contemporaries.

FACT have the first play of debut EP First Prom, a promising collection of phantasmic R&B and jams from the dark-side. For all the spooky touches, it’s a lustrous record, with an artificial sheen redolent of Fatima Al-Qadiri’s digital fantasies. The highlights are strong: ‘Holograms’ his the same sweet spot as Sky Ferreira’s ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’, and ‘Milky Words’ has more than a touch of vintage Tricky.

First Prom is due on April 15 on FANTASY Music.

1. Crystal Eyes
2. Don’t
3. Holograms
4. Milky Words
5. Sorry Love



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