Richie Hawtin’s minimal powerhouse have announced a new compilation series. 

minMAX is the inaugural instalment in an ongoing programme of releases from the label, apparently designed to create a link between the familiar Minus sound and its sub-arm PLUS 8.

The 2xCD compilation will collect 12 new tracks from friends and alumni of the label. Mathew Jonson, currently preparing to release a new album for Crosstown Rebels, will feature, as will Michigan head Heartthrob, Gaiser and Barem.

Speaking to Resident Advisor, Hawtin describes the label’s raison d’être as follows:

“In extremes “min” represents a further push into the world of subtraction where I have found so much inspiration over the past decade, while “MAX” continues to push an envelope in intensity and structure. MINUS “minMAX” better represents the varied styles and rhythms that you might find yourself entangled with while listening to one of my performances whose vibrations may entice you to move… and in those perfectly synchronous moments, dance!”

minMAX is due on May 24. Hawtin caused a mini stir when he joined forces with EDM paragon Deadmau5 at SXSW; click here to watch the results.

01. Mathew Jonson – Metropolis
02. Heartthrob – Y2k2u
03. Tripmastaz – Tyree Min
04. Etapp Kyle – Yuma
05. 4Yo4U – Daily Faces
06. Gaiser – Trashbend
07. Jonni Darkko – Close
08. Justin James – Song So True
09. Joran Van Pol – Faded
10. Mitsuo Nakazato – Drive
11. Julian Jeweil – Yoko
12. Barem – Limbus

1. Pots Of Gold – Rainbows
2. Joran Van Pol – Faded
3. Dandi & Ugo – Alternative Way
4. 4Yo4U – Daily Faces
5. Julian Jeweil – Yoko
6. Gaiser – Trashbend
7. Mitsuo Nakazato – Drive
8. Tripmastaz – Tyree
9. Hobo – Incise
10. Jonni Darkko – Close
11. Matador – 51 Mexicans
12. Etapp Kyle – Yuma
13. Barem – Limbus
14. Nsound – Loe
15. Theorem – Formulate



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