Daft Who? A class of Swedish students are building a robot version of Robyn

To most, Robyn is a top drawer pop singer with a couple of classics under her belt.

To a group of Swedish students, however, she’s the perfect person to build a robot of.

As Pitchfork report, a group of students studying mechatronics (a far cooler course than journalism, FACT readers, trust us) at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) are building a robot inspired by the singer. Robyn, of course, has always used robots as a theme in her music (see ‘Fembot, ‘Robot Boy’ and more – there’s also some sort of Tin Man / ‘With Every Heartbeat’ joke that we’ll let someone else make), and between that and some of her dance moves, we guess she’s a pretty good candidate. A Daft Punk one would’ve just been excessive at this point.

You can watch a video of the project, which if all goes to plan will be completed next January, below.



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