Watch a decent quality live performance of Danny Brown and Rustie's 'Go'

This weekend at Coachella, Detroit pill-scoffer Danny Brown performed a track from his next album, Old.

Produced by Scotland’s Rustie, footage of the cut, titled ‘Dope Song’, has already been online in the form of a scrappy video from a Hudson Mohawke gig, but this new footage gives you a better idea of how it sounds. Sure, it distorts a lot when the bass kicks in, but it’s enough to make out most of the lyrics, and the backing sounds as luminous and grandiose as the brashest moments on Rustie’s Glass Swords – not to mention his spectacular recent single ‘Slasherr’ [via CoS].

Danny Brown, along with plenty of others, featured in part one of our recent guide to Hip-Hop in 2013… For Dummies.



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