Wiley postpones his grime night at Plastic People; Boxed to fill in with Slackk and more

Wot Do U Call It? Cancelled.

In a move that’s as about as surprising as the sun coming up this morning, grime’s mad uncle Wiley has tweeted that tonight’s proposed debut of clubnight Phaze 1 has been scrapped, at least for now. Citing exhaustion from a recent tour as the reason, Wiley wrote that he would “need a small rest but I am rescheduling now don’t worry”.

The details were always sketchy on this one, and we had an inkling that something like this might happen, but we remain hopeful that Wiley gets the R&R he needs and Phaze 1 actually happens, some time.

Update: Good news for grime fans – Boxed, the night run by Slackk, Mr. Mitch, Logos and Oil Gang, will be using the slot. The line-up has been announced, and features all residents plus Elijah from Butterz, recent FACT mixer Spooky and Tom Lea.

This might not be one of them, but you can read a list of Wiley’s maddest moments here.



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